Do!  Green Cleaning Conversion

Do! Green Cleaning Conversion

There’s more to do than just decide to convert to green cleaning products in your home. If you’re like most people, you end up with the problem of what to do with the nasty chemical-laden products you are replacing. What to do with the nasty oven and toilet cleaners, windows and general purpose cleaners, and carpet and fabric cleaners? It’s not as easy a decision as you might think. I think the answer depends heavily on the reasons you decided to go green in the first place.

Do!  Pursue Minimalism

Do! Pursue Minimalism

In our loud, fast-paced, consumerism-in-your-face-every-day world, I finally feel like my home is a quiet, clean, ordered space where I can think and breathe. Where the time I used to spend caring for so many things has been given back to me.

Do!  Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

Do! Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

I’ve spent the last month looking around my home with fresh eyes, seeing opportunities everywhere where I can reduce my plastic footprint. Many small changes add up to big differences in my home.